Speed Boat in The Ganga
Speed Boat in The Ganga

It is only natural to picture temples, narrow lanes, crowded shops, holy cow, lots of noise and a vast city in the midst of chaos; thus someone mentions Varanasi.

Yet it can certainly not be disputed that Varanasi has the most peaceful inner life, but did you ever consider extreme sports during your trip in Varanasi?

To provide the tourists and the Varanasi people an all new experience; ‘Adventure RM’ has been setup an Adventure sports facility at Assi Ghat itself! Here one can enjoy Adventure Sports And many more!

Take a look at these never before fun activities and sports you can enjoy in Varanasi!

For a couple of bucks you can surf around in the Ganga River in Speed boat. A professional instructor will be with you to ensure that you can enjoy the ride safely! Adventure RN provides various type of water rides that includes Jet Ski, Speed Boat, Bumpy Ride, Banana Ride and much more!

Exploring the majestic city is an exhilarating experience on its own but witnessing it from the sky on a Paramotor is what you call mind boggling. You can also enjoy your flight over the Ganga in a Boat Parasailing.

If you prefer high speed and cloud of dust, a nerve braking ride on desert bike through the sandy river bank of Ganga. While the summer afternoons gives you a melting burn, this is the ideal relief you and loved one

Various packages are available for single to large groups, book now and get incredible discount offers instantly.

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